Random Thoughts

After so long time I was reading my blog. I even forgot the username and password. Luckily my Firefox still saved it for me. I can recollect beautiful memories while reading which made me feel wonderful and happy. Such is the power of writing. I usually advise my students to read and mostly to write no matter what it may be. Jotting down few lines can help one in so many ways. Need not necessarily be good in grammar nor vocabulary but just keep writing. That’s how I have started expressing experiences and feelings with little words I am familiar with. I don’t compare my writings to anyone and that’s how I become special and encouraged.

I haven’t updated anything for so long. Busy normal schedules just kills my time and today I am here at Gurgaun, Haryana, India to work on GPS instruments. Every day was really a challenging for me. I started learning civil engineering and vigorously learned AutoCAD to draw and design but profession forced me to teach Engineering Survey. Thought to focus on profession and learned it to the maximum I could. When I was confident enough, then I had to go and pursue master’s degree in Remote Sensing and GIS which I have once failed in the subject. Thinking that was a great opportunity, I agreed and went for studies and finally got the degree. Back to teaching again, I have to explore GPS. It’s good to experience new things every day but becomes worst to forget those already known.


May be, everyone is experiencing life in a similar manner and that’s why I never complain. I accept life as it comes along. I still believe the life should be lived as it is designed to be. If one wish to modify, then that’s where one fails. To be precise, The Karma matters.


“Happy Teachers’ Day”

To all the dedicated teachers all around the world. I wish you all Happy Teachers’ Day, as we celebrates here in tiny nation known by its name Bhutan coinciding with the Birth Anniversary of our Third King, Father of modern Bhutan.

Teacher-Gift-Tag-600On this auspicious day, I would like to dedicate my sincere and humble gratitude to those who have taught me in the class with dictations, chalk dust, marker marks, power points and demonstrations of various social sciences, discoveries and literature.

My teachers taught me how to be intelligent, brave and hardworking without which I couldn’t have made difference to my life.

Happy-Teachers-Day-Poems-Text-lines-printable-animated-GIF-photos-cards-3Without teachers, outside world must have remain still a big wonder for me. Teachers made it possible through what and where I am today. I can read and write and can express my thoughts and feelings. Even given me a job to sustain on my own. They opened my eyes through the walls and barriers into the world beyond the reach of my eyes and imaginations through the fantasies and far into the existence of Cosmo galaxies.

Everyone is a teacher but teachers who teaches in the class are special. Your wisdom of knowledge has turn everyone’s life wonderful and make yourself wonderful too.

Teachers have added various colors of knowledge to our life. You have taught us everything; good and bad, shown us happiness, put in fear and worries which are unavoidable in one’s life but you only taught us how to choose good ones and escape bad. You have taught us to release fears and worries, the importance of self-spiritual realization and so on. In a way you shaped us into a real man and I must say I am proud enough because of your sheer guidance and dedications.

The unwavering encouragement and inspiration you have instill in me had greater impact on my life and to everyone. I will keep encouraging and inspiring the young’s as I grow old and leave no regrets. I will try my best to be an exemplary, at least to be a good teacher.


Google and YouTube are invented by the great people, once who were blunt students in front of a teacher. Teachers showed them all the way through greater challenges and they made it happened and succeed. Today I choose Google and YouTube as my best teacher too. Happy Teachers Day, mother Google and You Tube.

On this auspicious day, with deep humility, I want to make my personal opinion which I feel should make some difference too. We teachers need to change for something called humanity teaching rather than discoveries in science, articulated false histories and fantasies of fictions and literature. As the world has already entered into its eleventh hour (esoteric believes), teachers can play a bigger role in awakening young’s mind to realize their spiritual strength to make this earth a better world. Material world will no longer help us to sustain live, believe it or not but I must say this. World is in the verge of entering into chaos created by our own people. Many people are wondering about outbreak of world war III but the reality is civil wars are already killing people which remain mostly uncover in mainstream media. What we are waiting for? A war to happen and get killed ourselves or awaken one selves and fight for humanity. I promise you, the earth is ready to forgive us and accept us to continue to live as long as we developed good humanity and promise better world for every species. Teachers can play huge role in transforming the earth into beautiful world. Let us make the impossible happens.

As we celebrates the day, I wish and pray for all teachers and everyone around the world to get inspire to change for better world with humanity. May the loving kindness and compassionate prevail with every responsibility of a teacher.

Cheers Teachers!!! Happy Teachers’ Day.

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We Never Know

Today I was really disturbed, I didn’t know why and what’s exactly happening but my heart keeps breathing fast, it’s so unusual. Just before few hours, I went out for a tea, we talked a lot as usual among roommates, which was quite normal. I learn a lot from my friends every time I go out for tea with them. That’s the only time we used to talk with full energy and share things, otherwise we are left busy on internet inside room. Back to the room from tea break, heard of Syrian on chemical attack and saw pictures of young innocent children death. I was wandering why people had to kill another people and that too innocents. The reason I could guess behind is the greed of power and greed of intelligence. This days I am afraid of intelligence of the people than any other.



Few minutes after, I remembered, President Trump’s recent executive order to dismantle climate change action plan and says global warming is not there and it’s created by and for the Chinese. It’s a shocking news to many scientist. I disagree too, but still I am left with doubts. This is how we innocent people are put into dilemma. We never know what will happen next. May be this things disturbs me a bit. I try to be normal and went through amazon.com and search few books, which I normally do and there’s lots of book in my cart. Then, I saw a book titled “Every time I find the meaning of life, they change it”. Which left me totally confused as always with my life. So, we never know, what’s there for us tomorrow, a death or live. It’s not only the spiritual power that will changed our life, world leaders can also change it.

Today, I live in the places and times where people wants luxury and work so hard to acquire it. We are totally forgetting about what we were in the past and what we will be like in the next life. We are in so peaceful place, that we even fail to learn lessons from how some people on this earth; the same earth we are standing on, same people we are sharing water and foods with, they are being killed. Who knows, if tomorrow, terrorist comes and attract us. It has become so easy for them now, they just need to decide and they can decide at any time. Then, little spray like daily perfume we used can kill us. Life is not easy, Jon Jandai (TEDx talks on “Life is Easy”). No offense, that’s just my thought for the day. What may make the difference to this life could be, to love, to care, be compassionate, to find inner peace, be positive and forget about luxury, greed, dirty politics, black businesses, and so on. Of all, I may choose to pray to the almighty “Om Aaa Hung BenZa Guru Padma SiDhi Hung”, May the souls of thy departed known and unknown innocents rest in peace.

Beautiful Place

Placeholder ImageThe place is just awesome. I can’t imagine the peacefulness and the kind of feelings I will have if I am standing there on top of the house along with those people you can see. They are enjoying the real heaven. Photo credit to WordPress.