Random Thoughts

After so long time I was reading my blog. I even forgot the username and password. Luckily my Firefox still saved it for me. I can recollect beautiful memories while reading which made me feel wonderful and happy. Such is the power of writing. I usually advise my students to read and mostly to write no matter what it may be. Jotting down few lines can help one in so many ways. Need not necessarily be good in grammar nor vocabulary but just keep writing. That’s how I have started expressing experiences and feelings with little words I am familiar with. I don’t compare my writings to anyone and that’s how I become special and encouraged.

I haven’t updated anything for so long. Busy normal schedules just kills my time and today I am here at Gurgaun, Haryana, India to work on GPS instruments. Every day was really a challenging for me. I started learning civil engineering and vigorously learned AutoCAD to draw and design but profession forced me to teach Engineering Survey. Thought to focus on profession and learned it to the maximum I could. When I was confident enough, then I had to go and pursue master’s degree in Remote Sensing and GIS which I have once failed in the subject. Thinking that was a great opportunity, I agreed and went for studies and finally got the degree. Back to teaching again, I have to explore GPS. It’s good to experience new things every day but becomes worst to forget those already known.


May be, everyone is experiencing life in a similar manner and that’s why I never complain. I accept life as it comes along. I still believe the life should be lived as it is designed to be. If one wish to modify, then that’s where one fails. To be precise, The Karma matters.


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